Our Philosophy

A place that provide wholesome recipe for great living.

Cafe 1986's offering is a blend of both western and Asian flavours with a contemporary touch.

It is founded by a group of friends who is born in the 80s and passionate about healthy living lifestyle, comfort food and warm hospitality. It's a place envisioned for families and friends who enjoys quality coffee and comfort food which is natural, healthy, and flavorsome.

Our team work tirelessly behind the scenes producing most items in-house, from our burger patty, dip and sauces, to our delectable preservative-free bread and butter pudding and many more.

About Cafe 1986
About Cafe 1986

We embrace the slow living lifestyle at Cafe 1986, leave your chaotic and fast pace lifestyle behind when you step into our restaurant. Taking a step back and start enjoying life being conscious of sensory profusion.

Sometimes food may take longer time to be served because all our food is prepared upon order, and we want to ensure we deliver quality food to you. So please enjoy our freshly brew coffee and cake, have a enjoyable chat time with your friends and family with our great hospitality.

Cafe 1986,
A place that provide wholesome recipe for great living.


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